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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wives of Hercules

Through my research, I have found that Hercules had 3 wives. What a pimp! I thought he only had two, Megara and Deianira. However, apparently the third wife's name was Hebe, the daughter of Zeus and Hera.


I was so excited when this came up after typing in Megara into Google Images. I hadn't made the connection that "Meg" from the Disney movie was Megara. Now, I was a little bit upset too because I am aware after being in Mythologies class that Hercules killed Meg and their 3 children in a fit of madness, even though it was Hera that basically made him go crazy. After he had realized what he had done, he wanted to commit suicide, but was stopped by his friend Theseus. Hercules then went on to perform his 12 labors that he is most known for to gain immortality.


The photo above shows the scene that we read about in class. That is Hercules on the right, shooting at the Centaur that has Deianira. Hercules won Deianira's hand in marriage by fighting the river-god. When the centaur bled all over the cloth, he told her that it contained a powerful love potion that would renew Hercules' love for her. One night she presented it to him, but of course it was not a love potion but a deadly poison that would ultimately lead to the death of Hercules.


Hebe is the youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera, Hercules' mysterious third wife. She is the goddess of youth and was married to Hercules upon his ascension into Mt. Olympus and godhood. She was also the cupbearer of the gods and was possibly an attendant for Aphrodite. Hercules was not a very good husband to her though because he left her on Mt. Olympus while he went to have fun adventures on earth.


  1. are you sure cuz i dont know bout a third wife, never heard of her

    1. Uhh? Yeah... I am if not anyone else. I have done my research on the mythical man in great detail just for the sake of some accuracy in a story that I am writing. So, that being said, in the context of many websites & books, he was said to be notorious for wandering around just like his father Zeus though the story of him marrying Hebe would actually be a little disgusting by today's standards since genetically, she would have been a half sister to him. Then again, the entire alleged pantheon of Gods was really messed up as it is because there are tons of tales of incest among A LOT of other things that just aren't seen as kosher within today's typical family unit. So, go figure??

    2. Additionally, there is a more recent hypothesis going around that the self proclaimed Greek deities were in reality, Nephiulim, AKA watcher angels assigned by god to do... What else?? Watch over his creation & the many humans on it, duh! However,... Look it up in 'The book of Enoch' on the subject... The supposed Gods were just posers that had come to Earth to mate with humans & the resulting offspring were said to be giants. Flash-forward to the present Era go through all the entire web if you have to but you are going to see REAL PICTURES of giant skeletons throughout the web. There is also a belief that there is a grain of truth to every legend so maybe Hercules did exist & just as a tidbit, his actual name was Heracles as a masculine version of the name of his step mom Hera which to her was like the worst slap in the face ever after having Zeus cheat on her with a mere mortal & so she proceeded at every turn to make Alcmene's life a living hell on Earth. BTW...? Alcmene was Hercules birth mom if you don't know... Anyways... I just have this hunch that we REALLY do have a REAL God watching over us because further research with a lot of lookie-see on Piniterest has shown more modern living giants that in some cases, had been documneted at the time of their deaths as having grown as much as nine feet tall & these people actually lived in the early years of film camera technology which proves through the pictures taken that there are still giants among us to this day & you will even find more modern full color pictures of actual giant people living even now! Of course, you are most likely going to ask, "So what? What does this have to do with the person of the topic?" Easy answer: Heracles or Hercules as he is more popularly known today, was said to be a very tall man, almost of giant proportions as was his dad Zeus that was rumored to also be even taller though for the sake of sex, a false god such as Zeus would use his celestial angel powers to shrink down to size to then have his way with the ladies without them ever being the wiser until it was too late & then wham! Guess what old girl? You got laid & played by a angel pretending to be a god!

      Nuff said for now though I am open for further discussion on the subject if you ever wish to talk about it.

      Hugs to all,

  2. He actually does only have the 2 the myth states the Hercules dies when he was still with deianira (The blood from the centaur she put in his cloak) How could he have had another wife if he was dead?

    1. Zeus saved Hercules from the underworld and made him the god of strength, heroes, sports, athletes, health, agriculture, fertility, trade, oracles and divine protector of mankind which is where he met Hebe in Mount. Olympus